Lewis Hilsenteger aka Unbox Therapy is a very popular YouTuber who unpacks and review technology gadgets. Unbox Therapy’s first visit to India was fully organised and sponsored by OnePlus for its upcoming OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition launch to be held in Mumbai, India.

It all began with a tweet as a surprise to all the Indian Youtube Tech community on Twitter, where he mentions how excited he too is and is yet to find out the true tech fans in India.

OnePlus along with Emirates Airline invited UnboxTherapy to this event and He got the chance to ride on Emirates A380 First Class private suite at 40,000 feet above. He is the next YouTuber after Casey Neistat to have boarded onto this private airplane.

UnboxTherapy, Lewis said that he would be exploring India for about 4 days. He also asked on Twitter to tag some of India’s favourite YouTube creators that he could meet in Mumbai and Bangalore for 2 days in each place.

Unbox Therapy's First Visit to India
Unbox Therapy with Amit Bhavani

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He reached Mumbai and Unboxed OnePlus 5T for the very first time in India. It was launched and live streamed on YouTube. He got to speak on the stage for around 5 minutes. He mention that Indians are his #2 viewers on YouTube after United States.

A small video was taken from Amit Bhavani, from PhoneRadar where a short Q&A session was done. He did promise to reveal Jack once his subscriber count reaches 10 Million, when one tweet asked for ‘Who is Jack?’.

Next day, He left for Bangalore and then made it to the OnePlus Event where he met many of this fans lining up to meet him. He was very much overwhelmed by his sheer fan support in India.

An AskMeAnything session was hosted on Facebook with Unbox Therapy on 15th December about OnePlus 5T StarWars edition.

Unbox Therapy's First Visit to India
AMA for OnePlus 5T

He is expected to meet and collaborate with Indian YouTubers and soon we can expect updates on his travel to India. He also got to meet with Ashwin aka C4ETech, who is also an Indian YouTuber living in Bangalore.

Aaronz with Unbox Therapy

Aaronz from Bangalore wrote he’s one of the most down to earth celebrities. And even with all of that fame and stardom he still lends an ear for everything you want to say.

He said how exciting behaviour was and how he motivated him to start his own YouTube channel.

Technical Guruji, Amit Bhavani and Jay Kapoor welcomes Unbox Therapy and makes a quick Vlog of the Behind The Scenes of their upcoming video with him.

The video is to come soon and as seen from the BTS, It is most likely to make Unbox Therapy try and taste the different products in India.

Infact He said to have eaten ‘Dosa’, an Indian dish, along with green chutney that made his wake up instantly to consciousness. He says he have loved it!



He got to collaborate with Beebom, where all the flagship devices of 2017 were taken into review. Unbox Therapy as always presented his humorous views and its worth watching this video.

This is how his fans waited in line just to meet their YouTube GOD, UnboxTherapy. He appreciates how much we Indians watch and likes his videos.

Unbox Therapy learns to say ‘Vande Mathram’ and ‘Chaliye shuru karte he’ in Hindi. This is the Amit Bhavani 2nd vlog with Gaurav aka Techinical Guruju and Unbox Therapy. He reveals they have made a short collab video making Unbox Therapy taste and eat different type of Indian flavours.

There were Lays, Kurkure, Hajmola and many more. They were just kidding if he would be having any stomach problem or not. No obviously!

Lewis also added an invite to Torronto, USA and help them explore as a favour to make him this enjoyable in India.

Wondering where Unbox Therapy’s last destination is? its GOA!

He flew back to Dubai last day, 18th December in Emirates A380.

So now its time for his return trip to India. 😁 We are waiting!!


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