Pixel 2 Wallpapers Available for Any Android Device!


pixel-2-wallpaper-liveGoogle Pixel 2 was one of the craziest release phone of 2017. It was not just the much awaited one, but expectations were too much put up on this. Pixel 2 launched with a great new homescreen called Pixel 2 Launcher and the Pixel 2 wallpapers were too redefined.

Now the wallpapers are made live with cool effects not possible to easily get hold when viewed with a glance. A close look into the live wallpapers from Pixel 2 can add along lots of details.

Google mainly focusses on 3 of its live wallpapers out of 9 which includes beachside, desert and walk in clouds road view.

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Pixel 2 Wallpapers Live 800x480 - Pixel 2 Wallpapers Available for Any Android Device!

Pixel 2 Wallpapers Live Download

These wallpapers have been ported from the Pixel 2 ROM and is now available to download for all android users. There might be lagging issues on some phones like Xioami Redmi Note 4, However it will perfectly work devices on stock android ROM’s.

Download this ported Pixel 2 Wallpaper app below on ApkMirror.



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