Xiaomi Mi Air purifier price got slashed by Rs. 1000 recently and This was due to the intense smog developed in New Delhi, India today morning. The Air Quality Index(AQI) there has increased above 350 and is creating harmful effects on the people.

SMOG concentration mainly consisted of nitrogen oxides and other impurities here. This is not the first time Delhi is facing this. In fact they had faced the worst air quality index during last Indian Festival Season, Diwali.

Xiaomi saw this as an opportunity to make it an sustainable move towards reduction of this Mi Air Purifier price so as to make it affordable and take a step in reducing the air pollution in New Delhi.

Buy Mi Air Purifier at Rs. 8999 on mi.com

After Mi Purifier price slashed down to Rs. 8999, Its yet worth it for Delhi citizens to not let the fog affect themselves and keep their family healthy. It should be worth to filter the dust in air and not let your children get affected by this.

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Mi Air Purifier Features

Talking of its features, Mi Air Purifier is developed with a 360 degree filtering technique with activated carbon filter. The best part about Mi Air Purifier is its automation using Mi Home app. In this you will be able to see the realtime statistics of the air quality, humidity and temperature around. You can automate the process to clean the air around at a scheduled time.

It’s guaranteed by Xiaomi to have your fresh cleaned air back after purifying using Mi Purifier in just 10 minutes. In the night its as quiet as 30db for better sleeping and can purify air in and around 400 sq.feet house.


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