Google finally introduced Augmented Reality AR in Pixel 2. This was initially seen in Sony and iPhone gadgets before. The feature is set currently available for Pixel 2 devices and Google said that this feature currently works only on devices with Android 8.1+.

Pixel 2 ar stickers - Google Introduces AR in Pixel 2 Devices!

The feature not just works pretty well but looks cool too. The app made by Google for AR is called ‘AR Stickers’ and is available on the PlayStore to download. There aren’t alot of stickers in them, but they are still trying to load more. Currently there is stickers of characters from Stranger Things ‘Demogorgon’, Donut, Ice-cream and Burger.

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For some reason, I really like them. Here is how it looks in real life.

To have this feature on Pixel 2 phone, you do need to have an ‘ARCore‘ app which is the main core for the ‘AR Stickers‘ app which has all the stickers in it. Both are available on the PlayStore as well as APKMirror. Feel free to download and let us know your experience.


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