Google launched its third new version of Google Home making this the superior one named- Google Home Max. Surely, a high end push from the previous Google Home and Google Home mini. In this tough competing world for AI projects, How well do you think this google voice assistant device would perform?

So the look itself of this speaker makes it for any user to tell how BIG of a speaker this really is. Normally it just has the similar size to any Desktop speakers. So what is the big deal with Google Home Max?

Whats New in Google Home Max?

Google Home Max is adapted to learning with Machine Learning, a self learning technology which uses the two microphones behind the speakers to isolate the lower frequencies from bouncing off the wall so hard, to produce unwanted loud basses. That’s something pretty interesting.

You have magnetic attachable mount to the speaker to prevent its vibration from passing onto the table/chair that is holding this. You can also align this speaker vertically portrait and even set us as a stereo speaker with 2 of these speakers.

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The sound quality as tested by Marques Brownlee, said was good. Its gets a lot louder upto 100 decibels on normal sounds comparing to its previous Google Home Mini, which was only able to give around 70-80 dB. Its an omni-directional speaker, so you may want to consider it placing in the centre of your TV station. Google says its sound is best performed when it’s placed at the corners of a room.

Google Home Max $399

The overall use of this Google Home Max was just to play around the Internet of Things (TOI) and getting Google Assistant to do all the time saving acts for you. Would this entire $400 you pay for this be worth it?  AAh.. Nopes. It wouldn’t be.

Is Google Home Max worth the $400?

You can easily set up another setup like this with your Google Assistant phone, chromecast and any speakers you find in your house. That would cost less than this $400 and would save you a bunch of money!


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