Blitzwolf BW-BS3 Tripod Selfie Stick Review!


Have you ever thought about having this amazing combination of a Tripod and a Selfie stick in one? How easy would have been for Vloggers on YouTube to carry this little thing and move all over city. Blitzwolf BW-BS3 Tripod Selfie Stick is so great for that purpose.

Well, this is not the best advanced or the technical version. But Yes, gets the job done for beginners who are just starting to make Vlogs using a smartphone or maybe trying to capture some real life tripod shots.

Blitzwolf BW-BS3 Build QualityIts well obvious to think of this Tripod Selfie Stick as a gimbal at first. However I wished they had added that too in this product. I have been using this product over 2 months and today is the time for its complete review.

“BEst vlogging tripod selfie stick for beginners” 

I have also made a quick Vlog trying to see how it all looks like, and well at last I feel it has done a great job. Do watch the YouTube video of this.

Over to the build quality, this is something that this product is remarkably good in. Unlike any other selfie sticks I have used, This is made up with a partial Aluminium alloy and rubber. Except that the all of the part in black is made using plastic including the stand on where it rests. So this could be the smallest reason for this to be unstable at times when its setup as tripod. I will go over to that in a while.

BW BS3 Phone Selfie Holder 800x429 - Blitzwolf BW-BS3 Tripod Selfie Stick Review!

Since the product is made using aluminium alloy, The weight is much lower than you think.. it weighs just as about 148 grams, a little less than your smartphone. This makes it easy to slide it in your pocket and use it while travelling.

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The top is provided with a clamp to support phones till 5-5.5 inch, unless you want to make it unstable by using a larger screen phone! The grip on the clamp makes the smartphone stay intact.. safe and tight. There is a bluetooth remote that is removable from the stick and helps triggering the shutter.

Blitzwolf Bw-bs3 selfie tripod stick

ALSO FOR A BIG FACT… the remote on this is re-chargable. It uses micro-usb charger and YES!! It can last lifelong and you don’t need to carry around small batteries.

The stick extends all the way to half a meters at stays steady. Over to the maximum of 60 meters, Though the stability reduces a little, I wouldn’t recommend it since it results in bending and ultimately breaking the stick itself. You can turn the phone all the way 180 degree left or right and gets locked in the position when you hear the click sound. It can tilt 203 degree towards or away from you.

The stability on Blitzwolf BW-BS3 is good but.. gets a little shaky when you are really playing and moving it around and I must say its way better than any local selfie stick you get in the market!

BW BS3 Tripod Selfie Stick 800x461 - Blitzwolf BW-BS3 Tripod Selfie Stick Review!

Transforming the selfie stick to Tripod is really simply. Just stretch out the 3 legs on the holder and push the stick rod up.. You have yourself a mini tripod to start shooting.
The implementation of this idea is great. Blitzwolf BW-BS3 Stick works really cool!

The tripod is great at stability. There are rubber pads on the tripod legs and hence can even grab hold onto smooth surfaces. I would totally say this kind of stability for a product like this at this price is worth it.

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The Blitzwold BW-BS3 is a newer model to the previous and is available on Banggood website for Rs. 1000 for limited time (MRP Rs. 1500) and Since obviously you can’t attach camera or DSLR on this.. I said, this would be a great product for Vloggers just starting up.

Blitzwolf Bw-bs3 selfie tripod

Xiaomi also has this 2 in 1 Selfie Tripod as an alternative to Blitzwolf BW-BS3 in this price bracket. So If you are one among those looking for a remote selfie stick that would last LIFELONG, then this one is also considerable.


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