College is much like a refreshment when you move out of your high school. You do know how difficult was it to maintain a good ‘A’ grade. Now that you are really free, you don’t want to mess everything up. Colleges too expect good marks from you and there are lots of best College Apps that can help you altogether.

Productivity is something I feel we all need to learn from the college days itself. It’s not just about having fun, but prioritising your work and assignments. Lifestyle in every college is almost the same, but studies never are.

The 10 Best College Apps 2017

1. Udemy

If you are running into gaining knowledge and searching to learn new courses and innovation, Udemy is a must have app on the list. Udemy app ranges over thousands of courses available at very cheap price for you to learn.

udemy android college apps

The courses on this website are provided though video lectures which are entertaining to watch and learn. Considering you are interested in learning about ‘Android Development‘, you can get to preview and choose the course by different lecturers you would prefer to buy.

udemy lecture Android developmentudemy android app home

Most of the courses that are available on Udemy are priced at $10-$50, which is really affordable and worthwhile.

The categories here consists of business, designing, photography, blogging, Heal & Fitness and much more. This is the best app any college student could have to make his free time productive.

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2. Splitwise

You do often hangout with your friends to the nearby coffee shop, or out for a dinner. Unless you are the one who pays all the bills, Everyone experiences this crazy situation of splitting the bills with your friends equally. Splitwise is the right app you require to make the equal share among your group.

This app features some cool features like:

  • Creating group among your team for specific event and all of the teammates would be able to add, view and modify the settlement.
  • View all transaction activity taking place in your different groups all together in the activity session tab.
  • Advanced splitting options in fraction/portions
  • A relative simple and material layout + amazing logo.

tathva best college apps 169x300 - 10 Best College Apps to BOOST Your Productivitysplitwise split bills tathva 169x300 - 10 Best College Apps to BOOST Your Productivity

It’s the one best app from the best college apps list, and you surely cannot miss the chance of not having this money planning app. I use this quite often and it saves a bunch of confusion in the pay and now has become one of my favourite apps.

3. Evernote (Premium)

Note taking in class is a big headache for all of us students. We begin writing the lecture notes and finally end up in all messed up in between. Evernote is the most advanced note editor that mainly helps in simplifying a student’s life. Evernote helps you capture, organize, and share notes from anywhere on the platform.

Evernote web notes organise 300x177 - 10 Best College Apps to BOOST Your Productivity

The interesting features in this app includes the To-do list, reminders, 10GB online upload and powerpoint presentation, web clipping, multi document contribution (available only on Premium) and offline note saving.


COOL Evernote Features:

  • Students can organise among themselves by creating batch to complete the notes of any lecture using this app easily. This easily helps students realtime to contribute and complete notes.
  • Another best fact about this app is that, it is supported on multiple platforms even mobile and desktops.

Synchronisation is the key point to make your notes stay updated all-time. The premium version of this app is priced at $70/annually.

However the FREE version isn’t bad at all, but it limits the features to max 2 devices, and doesn’t include much important features which can really save your big pile of time.

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An alternative app to Evernote -Multi contribute feature is Google Docs. The video from Google clearly shows how students can become productive very easily with such organization apps .

4. CamScanner

If you are tired of the poor quality of document scanning using your phone camera and require something that can intelligently scan and make the document look enhanced and readable, then this Camscanner app is for you.

Organize notes college application CamScanner Document scan 169x300 - 10 Best College Apps to BOOST Your Productivity

This is one of my favourite apps and I would recommend this to anyone scanning and storing documents on your phone.

Why I like this app instead of other scanner apps is due to the newest version of CamScanner includes features like auto document edge cropping, document to JPG/PDF conversion, OCR recognition which scans and takes the text out of the image document. Interesting right?

The other apps doesn’t do this best. You’ll love using Camscanner. Must try it.

5. Today – Calendar Widget + Google Calendar

When you organise your studies and work for college, you pin that reminder note and eventually lose them. However the combo of Today – Calendar Widget and Google Calendar is the right and perfect app for college students.

Google Calendar is an all-platform working cloud based calendar service, which means storing and doing all your pending assignments, projects and meetings reminder would never ever be forgotten.

Google Calendar web 300x181 - 10 Best College Apps to BOOST Your Productivity

This google application could have been developed much better, But the google calendar app as such isn’t that good.

Hence I feel its better to use the online service or the stock OS calendar app on your devices linked to your google account.

What’s great about Google Calendar is something that should amaze you into trying out their service. Google provides multiple calendar sections and provides all the events together in one calendar.

Hence I classify my calendar events into College works, Tasks and Work. Hence for a college student like me, Google Calendar is a must have service.

Best college apps Today Calendar
Credits: MKBHD

Today- Calendar widget gives your home screen an aesthetic looking calendar events list you jotted down and also gives you an option to customise the events list the way you like.

You can’t miss out on this app combo in this best college apps section. Believe me, this is when your main goal towards productivity starts working. Try and let me know!

6. Clip Stack

clip stack app home 167x300 - 10 Best College Apps to BOOST Your Productivity

Among all studies and work college apps, Yes there is an app to manage all your copied texts. Its safe, no worries. There should be moments when you actually wanted to store more than one text into the clipboard, and soon later after copying one you regret the fact that you can’t copy any more.

It has happened to me, you and basically everyone! 😃

Clip Stack clipboard manager is everything you just require. This app has the flat material theme and does the work perfectly.

All of the clipboard texts and links you copy is going to be stored into this app all-time and you can easily copy it again either from the app, notification bar or the home screen widget. That was simple right. 🙂

7. WPS Office

I bet you must have atleast heard or used this WPS Office app before. The Best College Apps list isn’t complete without an app that lets you open documents of any format. Let it be a powerpoint presentation, document, excel sheet or something other with extensions ranging from pptx, ppsx, docx,csv, xlxs.

Seriously even I don’t know how much of the extensions exist yet and how is this app able to open all of them. A BIG hugs to the developers who created this!

wps office powerpoint noise pollution 169x300 - 10 Best College Apps to BOOST Your Productivitywps office app template 169x300 - 10 Best College Apps to BOOST Your Productivity

It’s indeed a sure fact that you are going to rely on any applications like this, but if you’re wondering what is so special in this? Well.. This app features presenting powerpoints, printing documents wirelessly, editing documents and powerpoints absolutely fine.

Mobile mode lets you read pdf and other documents in wrapped mobile version, which is fantastic reading experience for ebook readers. Overall, I have seen this coming inbuilt on every phone these days. That’s how special this app is.

8. Atmosphere

Disturbance and noise is something which none of us like. Not me though.😆 We all have the tendencies to put the headphones on and turn the volume up while we start studying.

Atmosphere includes sounds packs from rainy season to the beaches, autumn season, thunderstorm, a lovely campfire night melody and much more.

Atmosphere app home 169x300 - 10 Best College Apps to BOOST Your Productivity

Atmosphere app relaxing sound 169x300 - 10 Best College Apps to BOOST Your Productivity


You might be listening to your favourite track, But what if you would want to concentrate from the outside noise and get peaceful atmosphere? Atmosphere is the answer.

It gives you the features to customise the number of tracks to play and each of its volume. You can make lovely concentrating melody tracks of this.

I personally made tracks of beach side waves, rainy thunderstorm and a campfire melody of guitar and added them to my favourites.

Why is this one among the best college apps?  ..umm. Not every studies the same way. I personally use this app alot and its very much pleasing to avoid disturbances.

9. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is always the first app I install on any of the gadgets I buy. Reason being it doesn’t function just as a file explorer. It’s much more than that.

es file explorer home 169x300 - 10 Best College Apps to BOOST Your ProductivityIf you have a rooted phone, then this app will surely do all the tasks you’d like to do in your phone. It can remove the bloatware apps, extract apk package from any app and also do lot of read and write stuffs in /system.

I can write lots and lots more just about this app, or may a big page review.

This app consists of several features like FTP, cloud storage access like google drive, media fire and it can perform network scan and connect to our homeuser-group network to share files.

It comes with an inbuilt internet browser, video player and also image viewer.. Really cool right?

Coming at a compact package size of just 13MB and thousands of features, this app is just fabulous. Upgrading to the Add-less version of this app is much recommended. I’d never hesitate to add this to best college apps list.

10. Google Drive

Google Drive is online cloud based platform that lets you store documents, music, videos, games, or any other files on their cloud. All Google accounts get a free drive storage of 15GB which more than enough for students to store documents.

Google drive web home 300x173 - 10 Best College Apps to BOOST Your Productivity

I haven’t felt the necessity to move to any other drive apps, since this one is so good along with the app itself.


11. Twitter

Wait, what? Twitter is social network. How is that supposed to be in college apps and help students? 

Did you know, Twitter is the #1 fastest news pinger. You get the news around the globe instantly before any news reporting site. Tweeting is something that is now being used by celebrities, politicians, group/community and basically everyone.

Twitter web home - 10 Best College Apps to BOOST Your Productivity

Twitter has now grown so much that trends are created using #hashtags and helps people around to grab attention.

Being a college student, Twitter must surely be one among the best college application prioritised by you. You can learn, discover and know the stories and news around the globe. Being aware about the social and news helps you to be aware of all the bad tactics used and incidents to stay precautioned.

Most of the users don’t like twitter app, but I would say its not that bad. It looks cool and performance is just fine. I’m a regular user on twitter(@geekykant), do follow if you like 🙂

12. Inbox

Inbox is another app you must start to rely on, if you are thinking for a replacement to the Gmail google application. Inbox is the one app to which everyone has started switching.

The app does have an awesome flat material view design and unlike Gmail, this app includes more features like To-do reminder option, snooze mails and its app size is less compared to Gmail.

Inbox web home 300x174 - 10 Best College Apps to BOOST Your Productivity

Mails from colleges and friends could easily be grouped together using Inbox into sections and easily managed. I too love this app and I find it much faster comparative to Gmail. The logo is also much better, if you notice. 😋



So these apps go in no particular order of priority. All work the best when put into use. I’d be following up with this topic with more apps and new updated features it gets. 

There are no such apps as best college apps. It’s just all the ones you find out and make them convenient to you. Hopefully this post finally reveals some of the apps that I use along and what I have seen from others.

I could add along more of the apps. But I feel comfortable having completed all the sections of the college apps you would require.

By the way, If you find useful android apps that you feel could add along the list of productive best college apps for android, then do let me know in the comments. I would be more happy to mention them and add a link to your profile or site. 🙂


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