Nitrogen OS (NOS 8.1) is now available with Android 8.1 for Redmi Note 3. This Oreo update is based on custom ROM. Although its sure that Xiaomi is not going to give an Oreo update for Redmi Note 3 SD variant, Its recommended to flash and try this NOS 8.1 on Redmi Note 3 ROM.

Android Oreo 8.1 comes with a simplistic features and settings sections divided for easily changing them. This NOS 8.1 update is NOT STABLE and is currently under development. However, I am still using this as my primary ROM for past 1 month and Its working with mostly NO problem except a few.

Android Oreo 8.1 on Redmi Note 3 1 360x640 - Android Oreo NOS 8.1 on Redmi Note 3! [BEST ROM]Android Oreo 8.1 on Redmi Note 3 2 360x640 - Android Oreo NOS 8.1 on Redmi Note 3! [BEST ROM]Android Oreo 8.1 on Redmi Note 3 3 360x640 - Android Oreo NOS 8.1 on Redmi Note 3! [BEST ROM]

If you would like to have any custom rom running Android Oreo 8.1 or 7.1 Noughat, Then I will surely recommend you this ROM from the others. Infact this NOS 8.1 is much stable compared to its previously ‘said’ stable 7.1 Noughat ROM. So its actually your turn to try and experience this ROM.

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How to Install NOS 8.1 on Redmi Note 3 (SD)


  • A Rooted Redmi Note 3 with Bootloader Unlocked
  • Recovery like TWRP or CWM (not MI Recovery)
  • SD card to backup and also put the ROM files only during setup


  • Download the Latest NOS 8.1 ROM and Gapps file and copy it to your SD card (not internal)
  • Reboot to the Recovery mode of TWRP/CWM.
  • Make a backup of your existing data and ROM first onto SD card, before flashing the NOS 8.1 ROM.
  • Now, Go to Wipe>Advanced Wipe and Choose all the options except ‘SD Card’. This way, your entire internal memory, recovery, rom, cache, dalvik cache would be cleared.
  • After that, its time to Flash the ROM.
  • Go to Flash and Navigate to the SD card where you stored the ROM and Gapps. First Flash ROM and only then Gapps.
  • After that, Reboot your device to start your NOS 8.1 on your Redmi Note 3!

Experience using Android Oreo on Redmi Note 3

One of the reason why I told you like this Android Oreo ROM for Redmi Note 3, was because of its simplistic new notification panel and also RAM management. I was able to get around 700-800mb free in my 2GB variant. Since the RAM management on MIUI is so poor, I could really appreciate with the performance on this ROM.

I could get upto 4-5 apps running in background without any hiccups or refreshing. The sound quality on every custom ROM is low, including this one. Camera was also not that good. However the new Google HDR+ really pushes its entire quality up and performs much better than the preinstalled camera on this ROM. So Camera problem was fixed for me.

NOS 8.1 on Redmi Note 3

Battery life was average. I was able to get around 5-6 hours of screen on time (SOT) and charging from 0-90% took me around 2 hours.

If you are looking for great battery life ROM, go for custom ROM’s with kernels with tweaks.

I never tried any kernels on this ROM, But I heard users getting upto 13 hours of usage with Agni Kernel, So Even I feel I must give that a try! In a week, I faced about 3-4 app freezing on this device, on apps like Instagram and PicsArt.

I am not really sure if that happened due to insufficient RAM. But I would love to see that being fixed in the next OTA update.

Also I faced a problem with the ambient notification display in the lockscreen where notifications overlapped with the weather and clock time. It’s a bug which could easily be fixed.

Known Cons for NOS 8.1 on Redmi Note 3:

  1. SIM card detection problem (very unlikely) (you have to turn off and on Aeroplane mode)
  2. Hidden WiFi SSID connecting problem
  3. VoLTE Video Calling doesn’t work

Its highly unlikely that Xiaomi is going to provide Noughat or Oreo for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. Hope the NOS 8.1 on Redmi Note 3 developers push out a stable version fixing all the little bugs.


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