Xiaomi Redmi 5A is the best budget powered beast not just in terms of the performance and price bracket it is set for, But a lot more to the features that other companies fail to provide. Xiaomi always values their price tagline first and only compromises on some of its features. Here we list out the Top 5 Reasons to Buy Redmi 5A.

Before that, you must know that the other phones that are in around the price bracket are Moto C, E4, Samsung On5. Xiaomi is providing its Redmi 5A at a budget cost starting from Rs.4,999 on Flipkart which is very much appreciated for the new smartphone users. However the other brands phones are priced starting at Rs.6000.

So even though you would be seeing a marginal difference between the price, After reading this review you will be able to figure out the best of the budget powered phones you could switch to.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Redmi 5A

#1. FAST and Responsive – MIUI 9

Redmi 5A IRCTC Card 179x300 - Top 5 Reasons to Buy Redmi 5A!

Xiaomi Redmi 5A is the first device in the market to ship with MIUI 9. Its a UI developed by Xiaomi and actively developed by many MIUI members all over the world.

The MIUI 9 is so much customisable, that you would never feel the need to install any 3rd party apps for purposes like Themes, File Sharing, Photo editing, wallpapers carousel and more.

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MIUI 9 is equipped directly with many features like IRCTC card which can show you the IRCTC ticket in the pre-fashioned way and definitely feels like a ticket.

#2. Day lasting Battery Life

One of the top reason to buy Redmi 5A is definitely its great battery life. Powered by 3000mAh battery, you might feel its less compared to other devices giving 4000mAh battery. But believe me, The battery capacity has nothing to do with the battery performance.

Xiaomi phones are designed with MIUI 9 to the first priority of maintaining great battery life. The standby time comes around 6-8 days. This device would easily be able to give you battery lasting for a day or two depending on how your usage is. It would be impressive enough for sure!

BUT wait.. The charging time could take all around 2-3 hours for this phone or sometimes more. This is because of the 5V/1A charging speed which is quite low, but worth it for this price.

#3. Camera is TOP NOTCH

A Rs.5,000 phone with 13MP ƒ/2.2 camera with single tone LED flash is absolutely ridiculous..right? We only think of budget smartphones compromising in the camera department to lower its price. But this isn’t the case here.

Redmi 5A Camera

Xiaomi has done some great effort to make this #DeshkaSmartphone and the camera quality really does give a nice sharp images vowing to its competitors. The front selfie camera has 5MP ƒ/2.0 for some awesome selfie shots.

The device is able to record videos upto 1080p resolution and this is one of the reasons to buy Redmi 5A.

#4. Dual SIM + Dedicated microSD card slot

You will never have seen this type of slots ever for your flagship devices. But not going over to that, This phone as said is to make budget friendly customers use this phone for first oriented purposes and not heavy tasking. Unlike the Hybrid slots, which give you an option to either use 2 sim cards in one or 1 sim and 1 microSD card at a time, isn’t the case here.

MicroSD Card + 2 Sim cards in one Reasons to buy Redmi 5A

You can enjoy all the 3 things put into your device and working completely fine without the need to use any external adapters or anything of that sort. The SD card support is till 128gb and only one of the primary sim could support 4G VoLTE at a time.

#5. Infrared Remote Control sensor

Infrared’s these days are present on most the smartphones released in the year 2017. Xiaomi has felt for the reason to include remote control for Indians, as for the obvious reason how it could improve and save the users time searching and switching between TV channels.

This sensor was an overall battle whether or not to include in this price range against the gyrometer. Infrared being low cost and easier to implement, Xiaomi Redmi 5A lacks the gyrometer sensor and is replaced with Infrared.

5 Reasons To Buy Redmi 5A

There is nothing to complain here since, Xiaomi has done all of what it can to bring all the Best 5 Reasons to buy Redmi 5A at this affordable price bracket, which none of the other competitors would be able to provide.

There isn’t a device which gives all these features in this price range, except Xiaomi Redmi 5A. We feel its really a great move by Xiaomi to take up this #DeskkaSmartphone challenge.


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